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Indra (Gangadai) Persaud
Machine Operator: Prod A

Indra is a key part of bagged coffee production as a machine operator in production A. As a machine operator, Indra’s daily responsibilities include checking the work orders and making sure all items and products match, such as outer box labels, film, bag labels, flavors and more. She oversees getting the machines up and running each day and doing sample runs to ensure there is proper oxygen levels, bag weigh and no bag leaks. Indra ensures that all product coming off the machine meet the necessary quality specification.

Thanks for all that you do Indra!

20 Questions in Two Minutes
1.  Years at Barrie House?
2. Favorite part of your job?  
Seeing new products and coffee being produced
3. Favorite coffee?   
Breakfast Blend
4.  Mug, tumbler, or paper cup?    
Tumbler (Travel mug)
5.  Number of cups of coffee per day?  
I stick to only 1 cup per day
6. When do you have your first cup?  
5:30 AM
7.  Where did you grow up?    
Guyana, South America
8.  Any nicknames (now or as a child)?   
Indra, my first name is actually Gangadai
9.  What do you like to do in your spare time?  
Cook! I love to cook
10.  Who should play you in a movie about your life? 
My daughter
11. Favorite musical artist/band?    
I like to listen to cultural and traditional music
12. Favorite TV show?    
I like to watch Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy but I love anything on the Lifetime Network!
13. Favorite sports team?    
Not really
14. Favorite meal?    
RICE! We grew up on rice!
15. Favorite season?    
16. Dream vacation?    
Hawaii, maybe one day!
17. First concert? 
If I were to see anyone at a concert, I would like to see my traditional or cultural music  
18. Saturday or Sunday?  
19. What would be your superpower?    
The ability to help people in need. That would be my superpower
20.  One item you can’t live without?    
My grandchildren!