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Best coffee machines to gift this year!

  1. Keurig® K-MiniTM Coffee Maker

The K-Mini is a perfect gift for the coffee-loving college student or no-fuss coffee drinker. It can fit on virtually any counter space as it is less than 5” wide and it still can brew your standard 6-12 oz. cup. This machine brews your coffee in no time and comes in a variety of colors to match your room or kitchen aesthetic!

  1. At Home Barista – Mr. Coffee® 3-in-1

This 3-in-1 machine does it all – Hot coffee, iced coffee, and even fraps! This is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who is all about re-creating their favorite coffee house recipes at home or whipping up something new. This machine brews coffee in four minutes and can brew up to 16 oz. of hot coffee and 22 oz. of iced coffee. Plus, with the built-in blender, making frozen mochas or vanilla frappes is easy as pie! This is a pod-free machine, so the coffee lover can use any ground or whole bean coffee they like leaving so much room for the imagination!

  1. SCA Certified – OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

The OXO 8-cup coffee maker would be a staple in the home of someone who likes to flip between making a full carafe of 8 cups or just 1 cup of coffee. This best-of-both-world’s machine is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association for meeting its home brewing gold standards. The machine includes unique features like the Rainmaker™ showerhead which distributes water evenly over the coffee grounds and comes with a double-wall vacuum insulated thermal carafe to keep the coffee nice and hot. So, whether you are making a whole pot or just one cup, this machine is a dream come true that can be displayed perfectly on your kitchen counter!

  1. Espresso Defined™ – Espresso Machine

Cuisinart® Espresso Defined™ machine is perfect for the “on the go” espresso lover. It is compatible with Nespresso® original line capsules and can pour a single or double shot in a matter of seconds. With a high rating of 19 bars of pressure, this machine will produce an intense flavor and rich, smooth crema. It is easy to use as is, but it also can customize the settings for adjusting flavor strength and brew temperature. The Espresso Defined is slim and simplistic making it a great addition to any kitchen counter!

  1. The Barista Express®

This Espresso Machine by Breville® is an absolute dream. It takes whole coffee beans to silky espresso in less than a minute. With a built-in grinder, you can precisely grind your beans allowing for a fresh and full-flavored espresso. This machine also has a precise temperature control that ensures the most optimal espresso extraction. With the attached steaming wand, frothing milk is easy and convenient for creating amazing drinks and beautiful latte art designs. While this Barista Express machine is a small investment, it is completely worth it for the amazing functionalities for any espresso lover. It is also compact and beautifully designed which will match any kitchen space.