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Cold Brew with Barrie House at Home!

It’s finally summer! So along with the heat and humidity comes the enjoyment of a nice cold drink. In our opinion, the best way to enjoy a cold beverage is by making a Cold Brew Coffee.  A cold brew is not just iced coffee.  Instead of using ice cubes and watering down your regular “hot brewed” coffee, cold brew is brewed as a concentrate and then mixed with water and/or milk for a rich, smooth refreshment.

Cold brew coffee dates back to the 1600’s, although its specific origins are not clear. Some accounts credit Dutch traders who brought it with them on long voyages. Some credit the Japanese who had already been cold brewing teas. And still others credit the French military who were stationed in the hot desert where a cold beverage was welcomed.  Regardless of who and when cold brews began, the popularity of this specific brewing style has been growing ever since and for good reason.

The cold brew is a smooth, more balanced coffee that is less acidic than hot brews. The reason for this is simple: the brewing process.  Brewing with cold water over a longer period of time extracts the coffee’s natural flavor and oils. This results in a coffee that is more full-bodied with less acidity and bitterness than hot brewed coffees.

The grind of the coffee used in a cold brew is also very important to the final product.  Coarse-Grind is key for proper extraction. It should be similar in size to sea salt.


Make Your Own

Now Barrie House makes it simple for you to make your own perfect cold brew. With our Cold Brew Coffee packs, we take out all of the guess work. Our premium, dark roast blend is perfectly roasted and pre-ground coarse for your convenience. Two packs are all you need for a full 48oz pitcher of Cold Brew!

5 Easy Steps:

1. Open one package, drop both coffee filter packs into a 48oz pitcher.

2. Fill pitcher with 4 cups (32oz) of cold, filtered water and cover.

3. Steep in fridge for 12-16 hour

4. Remove coffee filter packs and add 3 cups (24oz) of cold, filtered water to the pitcher. Add more or less water to adjust strength.

5. Stir and enjoy!

Keep refrigerated after steeping and enjoy for up to five days.