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Barrie House Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide, your one stop shop for all the coffee lovers on your list! If you're looking for a premium, specialty gift that won't blow your whole holiday budget, look no further. We have over 15 different blends and flavors available in whole bean, ground and single serve capsules, so there's something for everyone. We've assembled some of our favorites below, but you can also browse our entire store to check off your whole list!

Still not sure what to get? Try a gift card for our store!

For the Coffee Aficionado
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

One of our best sellers, this exceptional roast comes from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans are among the best in the world, with a bright clean taste and high acidity. Its sweet, tangy aromatic taste has citrusy, lemon, floral and fruity flavors.

These beans are grown at a high elevation in the region of Yirgacheffe and go through a washed process, which allows you to taste all the delicious flavors of the origin and variety.

For the Coffee Shop Regular
Espresso Capsule Variety Pack

For those on your list that love a café-quality drink, our Fair Trade Organic espresso capsules are the ultimate gift. This sampler pack gives you a taste of each of our handcrafted espresso blends, which are compatible with Nespresso® Original Line machines.

Intenso is a dark roast with strong, roasty, traditional, dark, and spicy flavors. Dolcetto is a medium roast, with bright, sweet, and malty flavors for a clean finish and easy drinking. Raffinato is also a dark roast, but with more intense notes of caramel, stone-fruit, and raisin. Lastly, Decaffeinato is a decaf medium roast, perfect to deliver that espresso flavor, without the caffeine.

For the Morning Person
Morning Ritual

Our Morning Ritual® blend is a premium take on our classic Breakfast Blend. It has a smooth, light body with flavors of tropical fruit and a clean finish.

We tasked our roast masters to develop a more refined, even better tasting Fair Trade Organic blend, perfectly suited for your first cup in the morning.

For the Late-Night Sipper

Not all Decafs are the same and we know that decaffeinated coffee gets a bad rep. We love coffee, so we wanted a Decaf that would stand up to our line of amazing coffees. 

Our Single Origin, Fair Trade Organic decaffeinated coffee is naturally processed to remove caffeine yet leave the coffee bean and natural oils intact. It is then perfectly roasted, and the result is a sweet, rich cup of coffee with a clean finish.

For the Coffee Newbie
Clay Avenue

Clay Avenue® is an elevated take on our popular Donut Shop blend. Our signature coffee, this Fair Trade Organic blend is great for those new to coffee, with notes of toasted nuts and brown sugar. It has a sweet, clean finish and mellow flavor.

It is a medium roast which, as well as showcasing the distinctive qualities of the bean’s origin, brings up caramelization and body.

Our flavored coffees are created by combining the finest quality Fair Trade coffee, roasted lightly to provide a solid base with the finest flavorings we can source. We taste test our flavored coffee during development at various levels of flavor, to make each one as perfect as we can.

We have a variety of flavors to fit everyone on your list, and also offer seasonal flavors like Winter Wonderland and Pumpkin Spice for a limited time each year.

For the Mug Collector
Barrie House Diner Mug

This ceramic diner mug is going to be your friends' and family's new favorite mug! This 14oz cup has a large handle for a super comfortable grip.  Plus it's microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe and made in the USA!