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Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew: The verdict is delicious either way.

Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew: The verdict is delicious either way.
Against common belief, iced coffee and cold brew coffee are NOT the same!

This is the time of the year – with hotter temperatures and longer days – when a lot of coffee drinkers start to reach for a cold, icy coffee instead of their usual. But if you think all cold coffees are the same, think again. The two most popular ways to drink cold coffee are Iced Coffees and Cold Brews. They sound similar and both are deliciously cold beverages that will quench your thirst and give you an extra boost of energy. But these two coffees are prepared differently and as a result, have different tastes and qualities.

Iced coffee is just that: a traditionally brewed hot coffee that has been cooled and poured over ice. But you don’t have to use yesterday’s leftovers.  Instead, make barista-quality iced coffee at home by brewing perfectly roasted, fresh Barrie House Coffee directly over ice. The process is easy: Just add lots of ice to your cup or pot and brew the coffee as you would normally. As the hot coffee falls into the cup or pot of ice, it is instantly chilled, saving all the flavor and aroma. Your brew will be cold and refreshing while still tasting like a traditional coffee.  Add other ingredients like syrups and flavorings for a taste bud bonus.

Cold brew is completely different from iced coffee.  As the name implies, with a cold brew you are brewing the coffee in cold water rather than hot – which gives a different taste profile and experience. To try this method at home, you will put your coarse ground coffee in a jar or pitcher with cold water and refrigerate it for 8 to 12 hours. Cold brews take longer than traditional hot-brewed coffee because it takes longer for cold water to extract the natural coffee flavor, acids, oils, and caffeine from the grounds. After you steep the coffee and strain the grounds, you will have a highly concentrated coffee liquid. But once you add ice and more water and/or creamy milk, you’ll have an incredibly smooth and balanced cup of coffee. 

So, as we head into Summer, it is a perfect time to try making your own iced coffee or cold brew coffee drink. Either way is a great way to drink coffee while keeping cool. We promise not to judge you if you continue drinking it even after the Summer is over 😊