Six Flavors Variety Pack<br>Single Serve Capsules<br>36 ct

Six Flavors Variety Pack
Single Serve Capsules
36 ct

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Barrie House has a new fair trade organic naturally flavored variety bulk pack. Enjoy these exciting flavors: Bananas Foster /Caramel Pecan Cluster / Oatmeal Raisin Cookie /Chocolate Raspberry / Jammin Jamaican / Caramel Macchiato. *quantities of each may vary. Bananas Foster-- The flavors for vanilla ice cream and bananas smothered in dark rum, brown sugar and cinnamon. The perfect end to a wonderful meal, or a sweet start to a new day (no sugar added). Caramel Pecan Cluster-- Treat yourself to the sensuous flavors of toasted pecans and sweet caramel goodness, and watch your cares melt away. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie-- Be reminded of fresh-baked, vanilla-frosted oatmeal cookies, let this delectable flavor take you back. Chocolate Raspberry-- This amazingly rich coffee is enhanced with creamy dark chocolate ganache and juicy raspberry flavors. A sweet and velvety combination with a fruity kick. Fair trade organic certified, naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Jammin Jamaican-- Enjoy a cup of Jamaican fun, our Jammin Jamaican coffee is naturally flavored with caramel, vanilla, coconut, Jamaican rum and chocolate, with an intoxicating aroma. Caramel Macchiato-- Salty meets sweet, the perfect deliciousness. This coffee combines a hint of the exotic Hawaiian pink salt with the warm, familiar taste of luscious rich caramel. Keurig 2.0 compatible k-cups. Fair Trade, Organic, 100% Arabica certified coffee. Naturally Flavored with other Natural Flavor. Intensity 6.

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