Arrosto Scuro<br>French Press Grind<br>24 x 1.85 oz Frac Pack

Arrosto Scuro
French Press Grind
24 x 1.85 oz Frac Pack

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Our Arrosto Scuro is an exceptional blend expertly prepared in small batch to bring out the natural oils from the coffee bean.  Roasted until after the second "crack," its dark, rich color and roasted aromas ensure a coffee taste reminiscent of Old World Italian espressos but in a refined, more traditional coffee.Product includes 24 frac packs (1.85 oz per pack). 

Tasting Notes:
Low acidity, full-bodied, bold, robust, bittersweet, slight charred/smoky taste

Region: Colombia and Peru

Roast: Dark

Intensity Meter: 8

Ingredients: Coffee