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food service

Based on the experience gained from collaborating with a diverse portfolio of clients, we have a deep knowledge of specific markets and understand each clients unique operational needs. Barrie House clients benefit by leveraging our experience across a variety of market segments applied towards improved performance and enhanced customer experience.
client services
• Reduce operating costs
• Focus management team on mission critical issues
• Mitigate seasonality
• Keep pace with technology requirements
• Share in economies of scale
• Consumer behavior studies
• Relevant and current consumer taste trends
• Practical & quick-to-market commercial programs
• Training programs
elevate your customers coffee experience
• Improve customer experience and increase market share with branding distinction
• Provide high-quality premium products at competitive costs
• Aspire to create a look and feel within your environment targeting customer loyalty

We  invest in creating concepts to help our clients succeed in theirs. Our mission is to stay ahead of consumer trends by offering our clients exciting new product solutions.  Our disciplined supply chain management enables us to operate under the highest standards, creating for our clients net value, competitive infrastructure and advanced logistics in the pursuit of successful  programs.

proud to serve
• National Chain Accounts
• C-Stores
• Retail & Grocery
• Vending Services
• Office Coffee Service
• Hospitality
• Food Service
• Institutional
• Fine Dining

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