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1934 Max Goldstein establishes K&G Coffee with a friend

1938 Max's son, Herb, joins the family business

1941 Herb, back from his deployment in France in WWII, begins selling roasted beans from his Bronx garage

1940's Barrie House sells coffee it purchases on the docks of New York to NYC's finest hotels and restaurants

1947 Herb renames the business Barrie House Coffee after his first son, Barry

1950's Barrie House expands distribution beyond the city limtis - delivering coffee to resorts int he Catskills

1967 Barrie House secures it's first retail account - Piggly Wiggly

1970 Barrie House builds a state of the art coffee roasting facility in Mount Vernon, NY

2005 Barrie House begins selling and shipping product online

2015 Barrie House secures patent for its k-cup technology