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Organic Fair Trade Espresso Capsules

We combed the world and found the very top 1% of the finest Arabica coffee suitable for our espresso capsules. These perfect espresso shots are small batched roasted and precision ground into recyclable capsules. Pop it in your *Nespresso® brand coffee brewing machine or compatible machine then smell the aroma and watch the crema build as you anticipate your first sip.

*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produite Nestle S.A.

  Artisan-Roasting Process
We slow roast our coffee in small batches using proven craft style drum roasters - The same roasting method that has been used for centuries. Drum roasting develops the beans to their full flavor and individual character.

 Barrie House Organic Fair Trade Espresso Blend Capsules

 Raising the Bar
In one small coffee capsule, we’ve managed to bring together the best technology to allow you to enjoy your perfect coffee, time and time again using your Nespresso brand or compatible machine.

Barrie House Organic Fair Trade Decaffeinato Espresso Blend Capsules

 Our Vision Is Simple
Use the best ingredients to create great products and memorable coffee moments.

15% Off on Subscriptions for 60ct, 80ct and 160ct Capsules

 Barrie House Espresso Capsule FAQ