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our Farm Program
We have developed and implemented the Barrie House Farm Program in which we work with our industry partners to implement genetically pure seedlings, promoting quality coffee for future generations. The success or failure of a farmer’s plants is the basis of his or her livelihood, and to succeed farmers need healthy seeds and the right plants.

With our partners, we are planting genetically pure seedlings, obtained from World Coffee Research verified nurseries, to acquire feedback, key learnings, and best practices to ensure the development of long-term, sustainable crops. Barrie House completes the farming cycle with committed purchases of the green coffee, at a premium, thus removing risk for the farmers and elevating our farming partners livelihoods. The coffee to the consumers are fully traceable to the nursery where first created.

Barrie House is a strong supporter of women-owned farms and actively leverages our position, and our strategic partners’ position to drive awareness of gender equity, at all levels, in the coffee industry. We are a strong voice to educate our consumers and stakeholders on today’s challenges in the coffee industry and the importance of supporting the entire supply chain so that coffee will be here for many generations to come.

The core fundamentals of the Barrie House Farm Program:
  • Implementation of a first of its kind, international multi-location variety trial which facilitates the global exchange
        of the world’s highest quality coffee varieties
  • Barrie House adopted a series of farms in countries where we source our coffees
  • Barrie House purchasing quality seedlings from the WCR verified nurseries for the farmers
  • The WCR Verified℠ Certification Program is designed to provide independent, science-based quality control
        and assurance at the start of the coffee supply chain.
  • Provide assistance and funding to the farmers and their infrastructure
  • Barrie House commits to purchasing the WCR Verified coffees at harvest and on-going years
  • Full traceability from seedling to cup