The quality and taste of a coffee depends on many things:

The variety of the coffee tree
Like wine thatcan come from different varieties of grapes, coffee can come from differentvarieties of trees and cherries

The elevation, temperature, and climate wherethe tree is grown
Coffee that is grown higher and drier will taste moreacidic while coffee grown lower and wetter will be more earthy

How the coffee is processed
There are variousways to remove the coffee bean from the cherry, each imparting a differenttaste/flavor

How the coffee is roasted
Because coffee candiffer by variety, elevation, and processing, all coffee cannot be roasted thesame. Because of this, the roast is the most important part of producing areally good coffee.

At Barrie House, we have perfected the art of theroasting process over the past 85+ years. We roast our premium coffee beans in vintage roasters with a novel drumdesign. This allows for better airflow and reduces the risk of over-roasting,which can cause a burnt flavor.  Differentcompounds are developed during this roasting process at different times. Bycontrolling the chemical reactions taking place in the bean during the roast,we can change or determine the flavors in the final cup!
• Coffee cherries from our partners around the world are harvested
• Other varietals are sourced via brokers
Cherries are processed at the local milling facilities using wet and dry methods
Cherries are naturally and/or mechanically dried to gain access to the green coffee bean
Beans are sorted and graded, then shipped to our roasting facility in NY
Beans are expertly roasted in batches using indirect heat for uniform development of roast
Roasted coffee is then packaged in either portion packs, bags, bulk, or single serve cups