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Iraida Luna
Customer Care Manager

Iraida is an essential part of the Barrie House team. She manages the customer care department to make sure our customers' expectations are exceeded, and always has what's best for the customer in mind. Whether it's a retail buyer or a private label partner, Iraida keeps our clients happy! She also ensures that the ordering process runs smoothly and that customers are getting the products they need.

Thank you for all that you do Iraida!

20 Questions in Two Minutes
1.  Years at Barrie House?
2. Favorite part of your job?  
Making people happy
3. Favorite coffee?   
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
4.  Number of cups of coffee per day?  
5.  Where did you grow up?
The Bronx
6. Any nicknames (now or as a child)?
I do, but I cannot share"
7.  7. How many siblings do you have & where do you fall?
Nine and I am the youngest
8. Remote cabin in the woods or an oceanfront beach house? Oceanfront beach house
9. You got the day off tomorrow. What are you going to do?Brunch
10. Who should play you in a movie about your life?
Rosario Dawson
11. Favorite TV show?
Anything on HGTV
12. Celebrity BFF. Who would be yours?
Beyonce - No! change that to Oprah
13. Go to pizza toppings?
14. Favorite season?
15. Dream vacation?
16. First concert?
17. You win $1million. What’s the first thing you buy?
A home for each member of my family
18. What would be your superpower?
19. Dream car?
Mercedes Benz Truck
20. One thing you can’t live without?