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serving suggestions
Coffee machine and brewer manufacturers each use different measurements for a cup of coffee. For consistency, we use the US standard of 1 cup/serving = 6 ounces of water. For most brewing methods, we recommend using 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee per serving.

Everyone has their own preferences, and you may decide to adjust to taste, but keep in mind that using less coffee increases bitterness, and using too much can be astringent. Brewing is about balance.

Coffee extracts best using water between 195-205 degrees F. If you don’t have a kettle with a thermometer, a good rule is to let your kettle boil and then wait about a minute before starting to pour over your coffee.


Medium (looks like sand)

How To:
• Place paper filter in basket of coffee maker
• Add the desired amount of coffee grinds to filter
• Add water to machine reservoir
• Press start button to brew!


Coarse (looks like sea salt or kosher salt)

How To:
• Measure desired amount of coffee grounds into the bottom of the press carafe.
• Boil your water.
• Pour hot water over the coffee.
• Stir the coffee with a wooden stir or spoon to make sure all the grounds are saturated.
• Place a lid on top of the carafe and allow coffee to steep for 4 minutes.
• After 4 minutes, carefully press the plunger to the bottom. Point the spout away from yourself and others in case any hot coffee spills.
• Pour and enjoy!

Pour Over

Medium Fine

How To:
• Start with two level tablespoons of ground coffee per cup.
• Boil your water. Helpful tip: measure out your water going into the kettle, so you don’t have to worry about measuring hot—just pour until the kettle is empty.
• Slowly pour hot water over the coffee in the brew cone, just enough to fully wet the grinds.
• Let the coffee “bloom.” The coffee releases a lot of carbon dioxide and aromas as soon as the hot water hits. Wait 20-30 seconds for the bubbling to subside and then continue pouring the remaining water in a circular motion. Try to avoid pouring on the sides of the cone.
• Remove the filter cone once it finishes dripping, and enjoy!

Stove Top Espresso

Medium Fine

How To:
(Moka Pot Required)
• Pour hot water (amount based on serving size) into the bottom of the Moka pot. Then add the coffee grinds to the built-in filter.
• Screw on spouted top tightly and place on stove top. Heat pot on medium heat.
• As it heats up, IF you lift the lid, you will see your espresso coffee fill up the top portion of the Moka pot. When coffee fin-ishes spurting out of the top, that’s when you know it’s done.
• Remove from heat and serve!

Cold Brew

Coarse (looks like coarse sea salt)

How To:
• A normal French Press can work great as a cold brew maker, or you can use any liquid container and straining device.
• We recommend starting with a 1:5 ratio of coffee to water. i.e. 1oz of coffee grounds and 5oz of water. This will yield a concentrate that can be diluted at 1:2-3 with water or dairy.
• Combine coffee grounds and water in brewing vessel.
• Cover container and let steep in refrigerator for 12 hours.
• Strain the grounds and dilute the concentrate with water and/or milk to taste.
• Keep concentrate refrigerated and enjoy within a few days.


How To:
• Fill machine water reservoir with water
• Open k-cup chamber lid and place your favorite Barrie House coffee capsule inside.
• Close the lid and place mug on the drink plate.
• Select cup size and hit brew! Enjoy