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Michael Paperny
Purchasing/Inventory Manager

Mike basically purchases everything that comes into Barrie House - from half & half for everybody’s coffee, to raw material for us to produce a finished good, to machinery and parts so that product can be made.

His main responsibility is to analyze and maintain levels of all raw material (lids, labels, boxes, filter paper, etc.) making sure we do not have too much or too little and to make sure materials are delivered on time and in the most cost-effective manner. Mike continually communicates with departments inside of Barrie House, as well as with vendors outside the building and across the ocean.

Thanks Mike!

20 Questions in Two Minutes
 1. Years at Barrie House?
2. Favorite part of your job?
Going home
3. Favorite coffee?
Clay avenue
4. Number of cups of coffee per day?
5. Where did you grow up?
Long Island
6. Any nicknames (now or as a child)?
7. How many siblings do you have & where do you fall?
Two siblings and I'm the youngest
8. Remote cabin in the woods or an oceanfront beach house?
A remote cabin in the woods
9. You got the day off tomorrow. What are you going to do?Hanging out in the backyard,
drink some beers and play with my dogs
10. Who should play you in a movie about your life?
Never even thought about it... ME!
11. Favorite TV show?
Law and Order
12. Celebrity BFF. Who would be yours?
Jerry Garcia
13. Go to pizza toppings?
14. Favorite season?
15. Dream vacation?
Hanging out in the backyard, drinking some beers, and playing with my dogs.
16. First concert?
Grateful Dead
17. You win $1million. What’s the first thing you buy?
A cabin in the woods so I can drink some beers and play with my dogs!
18. What would be your superpower?
19. Dream car?
Mercedes sports convertible
20. One thing you can’t live without?
My Family