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Do Something Good for Your Neighbor! Barrie House and Feeding Westchester

Do Something Good for Your Neighbor!
Barrie House and Feeding Westchester


May 16, 2020 - Today is “National Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day!” According to, a neighbor can be defined as a person who lives near another, a person or thing that is near another, or one’s fellow human being. This national day was founded by Starr Valentino in 2009 and was added to the calendar in 2018. Valentino is quoted as saying “Millions of Americans will express love and kindness, throughout neighborhoods, in acts of compassion, sharing, and caring. Let’s all stand together in a unified effort of love for all of humanity.” This is a statement that Barrie House can definitely get behind!

With all that is going on today, it is important to help where we can! At Barrie House, we try to do good things for our neighbors throughout the year! We have been continuously donating coffee to our neighbors at Feeding Westchester.  Feeding Westchester is a member of the nationwide network Feeding America. There are more than 200 food banks serving every state in the US. Feeding Westchester has been helping families and individuals since 1988 and is Westchester’s largest hunger relief organization. According to Feeding Westchester’s data, there are 200,000 food insecure individuals in Westchester county alone. To help these individuals and families, the organization collected and provided 3.8 million pounds of food for the first part of this year alone!

Barrie House is so proud to work with this organization and we are happy to donate our products to the people in need. We hope everyone has a chance to do something good for your neighbor today - no matter how big or small!







Happy to donate a pallet of coffee to @feedingwestchester to help our neighbors in these difficult times. Victor, our Maintenance Manager, even delivered it in his own truck!


Cortney and Jeremy loading another five more pallets of coffee donated and delivered to @FeedingWestchester where they are supporting first responders, healthcare workers and community members throughout Westchester during this crisis