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Barrie House Coffee Awarded “Organic Coffee Product of the Year” In 2024 Mindful Awards Program

Barrie House Coffee Awarded “Organic Coffee Product of the Year” in 2024 Mindful Awards

Barrie House Coffee was named the 2024 Organic Coffee Product of the Year by the Mindful Awards! Barrie House boasts an established legacy as a family-owned, third-generation, New York-based coffee roaster celebrating it’s 90th anniversary this year. We are committed to innovative products and processes, while also acting in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible. The company’s many certified Fair Trade Organic coffees provide a gourmet, elevated drinking experience, and are also accessibly priced for wider customer access.

Barrie House supports the growth of coffee producers and is dedicated to creating a sustainable supply chain. In addition to a wide variety of their coffees being USDA Organic, many are also Fair Trade certified. Organic coffee is grown without using synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thereby contributing to the health of the coffee trees and beans, soil, water - and farmers. Organic farms also help combat climate change by emitting less carbon than chemical farms.

At its simplest, Fair Trade coffee means that coffee farmers get a fair deal for their hard work. This translates into better prices and wages for farmers, safer working conditions for producers, and better protection of the environment. In addition, Fair Trade pricing specifically designates funds to invest in much-needed local community projects including education, construction and infrastructure, health care, and clean water.

In addition, the Barrie House Farm Program helps support women-owned farms, promotes gender equity, and boosts greater availability of high-quality coffees with stronger, healthier plants capable of resisting climate change consequences. Part of the program also includes planting genetically pure seedlings through a partnership with two women-owned farms in Costa Rice, with the goal to acquire feedback, key learnings, and best practices that ensure the development of long-term, sustainable crops. Barrie House will keep sourcing and working to promote existing organic farmers to their customers while waiting for these trees to have their first harvest.

“While many coffee drinkers support the idea of Fair Trade and Organic coffees, they are not ready to prioritize the higher prices that usually come with them. Barrie House’s premium coffees offer incredible value, allowing everyone to enjoy the best cup of coffee at a fair price and be confident that they are also contributing to sustainable practices,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Mindful Awards. “Congratulations to Barrie House on winning ‘Organic Coffee Product of the Year’ for their industry expertise, and commitment to sustainability and the environment. Operating their business in a manner that balances economic growth, social development, and environmental protection will see them through another 90 years!”

The mission of the Mindful Awards program is to honor conscious CPG companies and products that offer transparency to consumers, pay workers fair wages, ensure sustainable business practices, use recycled or recyclable materials and create healthier products using natural or organic ingredients. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from companies all over the world. The winning products and companies have been selected based on a variety of criteria that includes Impact, Credibility, Health, Transparency and more.