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What Is So Special About Single Origin coffee?

What Is So Special About Single Origin coffee?

At Barrie House Coffee Roasters, we offer a variety of proprietary coffee blends. All of our blends are developed to have special qualities, bringing out and integrating different coffees from different parts of the world. But some of our most unique offerings are our single origin coffees. A single-origin coffee means that it comes from a single producer, crop, or region in one country. Single origin roasts offer quality coffee experiences and have exceptional flavor combinations and attributes that are unique to their specific country or region.

Barrie House has FOUR different single origin coffees with distinct tastes and processing methods: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Indonesian Sumatra, Costa Rican and 100% Colombian.

  1. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: This organic and fair trade-certified medium roast comes from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. These coffee cherries are grown at a high elevation in the region of Yirgacheffe and go through a washed process which means that after the outer fruit layer is removed, the coffee cherries are soaked in water to ferment and remove the remaining mucilage and parchment adhering to the bean. The beans are then usually dried outside by the sun. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is among the best in the world, with a bright clean taste and high acidity. Its sweet, tangy aromatic taste has citrusy, lemon, floral and fruity flavors.
  1. Indonesian Sumatra: Grown in Sumatra’s mountainous regions, the organic and fair trade-certified Indonesian Sumatra single origin roast has a full-bodied flavor and smooth finish. The region has the perfect climate conditions and elevation to grow coffee. This coffee utilizes a unique processing method called wet hulling whereby, after the outer fruit is removed, the hull of the bean is removed before fully drying. Exposing the green coffee bean this way creates intense herbal flavors and a full-bodied cup. The resulting coffee has a bold, strong, spicy taste with an earthy aroma. This world-renowned coffee has flavors of dark chocolate, raisins, and syrup.
  1. Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s Central Valley has the ideal rich and fertile soil, high altitudes, and cool climate needed to grow what is considered to be among the world’s best coffees. Our offering is a rare organic and fair trade-certified gem from a small co-op of 250 dedicated farmers. These coffee cherries go through a washed process and are cultivated and harvested only during the cool days of November. Costa Rican coffee has hints of honey graham, dark chocolate, and cherry with a medium body and acidity.
  1. 100% Colombian: Coffee grows well in Colombia due to the country’s dense hills and mountains and its wet climate and high elevation. Utilizing the washed process method, our Barrie House 100% Colombian is a unique and balanced coffee that is sweet and delicately fruity with hints of walnut. The full-bodied, winey roast has an exquisite dry finish, and balanced brightness and acidity.

So, if you want to experience a coffee that is different from your usual morning blend, try a single origin. They are of extremely high quality and offer unique taste experiences that will deepen your appreciation for really good coffee.