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Rebrand and New Product Line Reflects Barrie House’s Heritage
And Pays Tribute to Coffee Farmers

Elmsford, N.Y. – Today, Barrie House Coffee Roasters launched an exciting new product line and rebrand of their logo and packaging. The new rebrand reflects Barrie House’s long legacy as a family-owned, third-generation, New York based coffee roaster that supports coffee farmers while paying tribute to the coffee cherry with its burgundy brand color. Barrie House constantly strives to inspire a great coffee-drinking experience and their delicious new product line does just that.

“What sets Barrie House apart is that we offer our premium line of Fair Trade Organic coffee at a great value, allowing the broader coffee drinking population to enjoy the best cup of coffee at a fair price,” said John C. Fallon, Chief Marketing Officer of Barrie House Coffee Roasters. “Our research shows that while many coffee drinkers support the idea of a Fair Trade and Organic coffee, the higher prices that usually come with Fair Trade Organic coffees tend to deter their purchase.  We wanted to change that.”

Barrie House’s new product line offers a wide selection of coffees across three distinctive collections.
The Estate Blends, the first collection to launch, offers Fair Trade Organic coffees, balanced and complex, developed for precise taste profiles using a variety of different beans. These blends include:

Clay Avenue
•    The origins of Barrie House trace back to Clay Avenue, a historic neighborhood in the Bronx where
      a diverse population settled in the early 1900's. It was there in NYC that they developed their
      first perfectly roasted blend.
•    Tasting notes: Toasted nuts, brown sugar, sweet, clean finish, mellow

Morning Ritual
•    Barrie House knows that your first morning cup of coffee is the most important. It needs to be
      perfectly roasted and taste great because you look forward to this moment every day. That is why they
      developed Morning Ritual. A premium, upgraded version of ubiquitous breakfast blends. 
•    Tasting notes: Smooth, tropical fruit, balanced, light body, clean finish

Arrosto Scuro
•    Italian for dark roast, the Arrosto Scuro blend is roasted until after the second "crack," and offers
      a dark, rich color and roasted aromas reminiscent of Old-World Italian espressos, but in a refined,
      more traditional coffee.
•    Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, smoky, bold, deep flavor, intense

Dark Mystery
•    Specifically formulated and slow roasted to make a bold, dark cup. Dark Mystery is full of complexity
      and elegance, and just a little bit of mystery...
•    Tasting notes: Fruity, caramel, malt, chocolate, full flavored, rich, smooth

Espresso Roast
•    Their darkest and richest roast - a rare and exotic blend of premium Arabica coffee beans from
      Asia and the Americas that creates an intense and creamy cup.
•    Tasting notes: Caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, smooth, sweet, robust

Additional products coming soon from Barrie House:

The Signature Flavors collection, made with Fair Trade and organic coffees, offers smooth, mild coffees infused with an assortment of delicious flavors that enhance the beans and delight the senses. They include:

Jammin’ Jamaican
•    Tastes of caramel, rum, and chocolate with a nutty, smooth finish

Salted Caramel
•    A buttery, caramel taste with a delicately salty, syrupy body finish

Ultimate Hazelnut
•    A nutty, creamy, toasted and buttery taste with a syrupy body finish

French Vanilla
•    Amazing creamy vanilla flavor along with toasted almonds and a sweet, mellow finish

The Single Origins collection offers specialty Fair Trade Organic coffees that highlight the exceptional tastes and attributes unique to a specific country or region.  These will include:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
•    From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Beans from the Yirgacheffe region are among the world's best.
      Grown at high elevation, this coffee has a bright clean taste and high acidity.
•    Tasting notes: Hints of citrus and lemon zest, a floral, bright, tangy coffee with a sweet, aromatic finish

Indonesian Sumatra
•    Sumatra's mountainous regions offer the perfect climate and elevation to grow coffee.
      Unique processing methods, by small farms, give this coffee its world-renowned full-bodied flavor
      and smooth finish.
•    Tasting notes: Syrupy, dark chocolate with a strong, bold taste and an earthy aroma

In addition to the three Fair Trade Organic collections available all year long, Barrie House is also introducing their Seasonal Flavors line of conventional coffees infused with the familiar flavors and aromas of fall and winter. These coffees include:

•    Pumpkin Spice
•    Caramel Apple Strudel
•    Peppermint Bark
•    Winter Wonderland

The new Barrie House bagged coffees are available in 10 oz. and 2 lb. bags, as well as 10 count and 22 count single serve capsules that are Keurig 2.0 compatible. Barrie House uses its proprietary REVCUP – a patented sustainable single serve capsule design that was engineered to make the best possible cup of coffee and is recyclable.  Barrie House is also one of the first roasters to utilize UPC bar codes on each capsule lid, to allow retailers the ultimate flexibility in offering individual capsules for sale in a mix and match fashion.

The new Barrie House Fair Trade Organic product line will be available in select premium metro New York grocery and naturals retailers, along with a number of Sam’s Club locations in the Southeast. The new product line will also be available online at, as well as many other online sites including Amazon, Sam’s,, and more. Our seasonal items can be found in Southeastern Grocers and Stew Leonard’s during the holiday season.  There are also special packs and blends sold through foodservice distributors in the metro NY, mid Atlantic, New England, Chicago, and Las Vegas markets.

Barrie House’s new branding and logo include a graphic of three coffee beans representing the three generations and the current three brothers that own the business – Barry, Paul, and Ronald Goldstein. The burgundy packaging color celebrates the shade of the coffee cherry at its ripest. In fact, the inspiration for the color came from a colored bracelet that some farmers wear. During harvest, they compare the color of the coffee cherry to the color of the bracelet. If it matches, then the cherry is ripe and should be picked. The gold accents on the logo and packaging communicate the premium positioning while also giving a nod to the family name, Goldstein. Furthermore, their new flagship blend is named Clay Avenue for the NYC street in the Bronx where the company was once located and where Barry Goldstein grew up.

“We truly believe that our new product line and branding reflects our mission to inspire a great coffee drinking experience, while conducting business in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible,” said Craig M. James, Chief Executive Officer, Barrie House Coffee Roasters. “We hope everyone enjoys each and every cup just as much as we do.”

About Barrie House Coffee Roasters:
Founded in 1934 outside of New York City, Barrie House is a family-owned coffee roaster that produces premium, handcrafted coffee. For over 85 years, Barrie House Coffee Roasters have carefully selected, blended, roasted, and packed what they believe to be the world’s finest coffee. Today, Barrie House is a leading roaster and manufacturer for private label and branded coffee products sold through the retail, e-commerce, food service, and hospitality channels. Barrie House has partnered with Martha Stewart for a co-branded coffee line and with The Headstrong Project for a special Hero’s Reserve line of which 100% of the profits are donated to the organization.  They rank in the Top 10 of all Fair-Trade coffee providers in the U.S.

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