Barrie House Breakfast Blend 2.5 lb Whole Bean

Breakfast Blend
Whole Bean 2.5 lb Bag
* Available thru 10/31/20

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* Please note that our Breakfast Blend will only be available on this website until Oct 31, 2020. However, Barrie House has been working on a number of new and improved Fair Trade Organic coffee blends and we feel that if you like our Breakfast Blend, you will love our new Morning Ritual blend. Give it a try!

Breakfast Blend Description:
A smooth and mellow coffee that awakens your taste buds. Features a balanced light body with tangy citrus, toasted cereal sweetness notes and a clean finish.

Tasting Notes:
Smooth, tangy, mellow, toasted, nuts, cereal, red grapefruit, tropical

Region: Multi-Region Blend

Roast: Medium

Intensity Meter: 6

Ingredients: Coffee

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